Ejacula 1 (1993)

Director: Max Bellocchio
Starring: Tonisha Mills, Babette, Giancarlo Bini, J.P. Armand, Joey Silvera, Lois Ayers, Lynn Lemay, Patricia Kennedy, Rocco Siffredi, Ron Jeremy, Alessandra, Caroline Monroe, Beatrice Sall, Vivian, Elizabeth.
In a dark castle, far far away Ejacula lurks in the shadows. You won’t want to miss this digitally re-mastered VCA classic! Lesbian lick fests, ball draining BJ’s and a ghoulishly gushing 11 vampire sex orgy, Ejacula isn’t your classic “whor-er” film! With authentic European sets and Ron Jeremy as a horny hunchback, Ejacula is a sucking good time.

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