Eclatements Charnels (1982)

Director: Andrew Whyte
Starring: Dominique Saint Claire, Oili Virta, Ingrid Lindgren, Elly Beck, Irina Fournier, Ulla Wilmertz, Olly Troyes, Karin Englund, Ingvar Lund, Isabelle Dior, A. Hansson, Carl Thom, Bengt Brunold, G Thompson, Jean Laporte, H Brunc G. Scott, Silvano Di Roma, Pierre Dumas, Marcel Barbey, Ronald Engstrom.
Swedish newlywed couple Romeo and Juliet are on your honeymoon by scooter on the French Riviera. During a break at a rest stop, the stolen moped and rude encounter three men in a Pontiac which dragged them and adopt star Julia. The rescued by psychiatrist Professor Balthazar and his wife Kiki performing in cabaret. Balthazar offers the newly-married couple own erotic show on the cabaret – “Wedding Night in Swedish” – has become a huge success. The couple live happy days of frivolous society. They even make a show, “Flirt today,” as well received. One evening Julia goes to bed with Robert Baron, and Romeo revenge later by a love time with Kiki. Meanwhile, Julia lets himself be used by four motorcycle bikers out for a road. Suddenly, Romeo and Juliet wakes up at the rest area as they sought out before all the adventures began. Mop is where they parked it. Everything was just a dream.

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