Ebony Erotica 1 (1985)

Starring: Sahara, Desiree West, Tina Russell, Tracy Booker, Marc Wallice, Crystal Lake, Susan Nero.
At one time or another, each of us has wondered if all those tall tales about sex with bad, black bitches was as satisfying as was believed. Does their torrid rhythm on the dance floor and superb excellence in sports, compare equally to their uncontrolled lust and passion under the sheets? After just one minute, we’re sure you’ll agree that those sweet, chocolate mamas do mean business, and can certainly steam p any lens filming them. Ebony Erotica features extraordinarily gorgeous women and better than well-hung men, both black and white, in featurettes drenched with sweat and sex! This film contains MORE sex per scene, so beware that this is a hot tape. Probably the hottest.

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