Dream Girls (1990)

Starring: Ashley Dunn, Danielle Rodgers, Kelly Royce, Racquel Darrian.
Porn Star Racquel Darrian is one of the biggest porn stars of the 90’s, which is quite a testament to her beauty and volcanic on-screen sexuality, considering the infrequent and modest number of films that she’s released. She’s been a Vivid Video exclusive player for much of her career, and has starred in only big-budget, top-notch productions. Racquel Darrian’s developed a bit of an aura of aloof stardom about her due to her unwillingness to participate in the one-day quickie video shoots that form the basis of so many starlets’ careers. Racquel Darrian’s name on a box spells ‘class.’
A college professor, studying erotic dreams, becomes entangled with his test subjects & obsessed with his own uncontrollable dreams about one of those subjects.

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