Dr. Peter Proctor’s House Of Anal Delights (1996)

Director: Mike Horner
Starring: Mila, Morgan Fairlane, Janae, Alexandra Silk, Brooke Ashley, Dick Nasty.
By now the story of the sex clinic that specializes in turning people on to anal sex has been done so many times that it’s something of a hardcore cliche. But director/star Mike Horner makes it work all over again by tossing in large doses of tongue-in-cheek humor and tons of torrid trysting in this surprisingly effective adult feature. He plays Dr. Peter Proctor, a salacious M.D. who guides Morgan Fairlane on an eye-opening trip to the far side of desire. She watches as one sassy sexstress after another is indoctrinated into the wanton ways of rear entry raunch, becoming more and more aroused along the way. Morgan turns in a nice performance and shows a real flair for physical comedy as she turns in plenty of rump-bumping spills and chills before baring all in a fabulously frenetic group fling. It’s a non-stop carnival of backdoor carnality that delivers more than enough heat to justify its premise. And with some of the hardest-charging female talent in the biz, you just know you’re in for a bumpy ride!

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