Dr. Jeckel And Ms. Hide (1990)

AKA: The Strange Case Of Dr Jeckel And Ms Hide
Director: Michael Craig
Starring: Champagne, Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Celia Young, Randy Spears, Peter North, Randy West.
Ashlyn Gere is the very famous scientist whose experiments into what stimulates the depths of human depravity unleash a monster whose sexual longings not even she can rein in. As is true of the better-known, mainstream takes on the Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde theme, this well-constructed psychological drama delves deep into the hidden recesses of the human soul. The difference here is that the uncomfortable truths mined by Ms. Hyde deal with man’s repressed sexual nature, rather than his restrained violent side. The naturally busty Ms. Gere is phenomenal here, bouncing and misbehaving through scene after scene of torrid and oh-so-raw revelry with a cast of porn’s hottest male and female performers.

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