Down And Dirty In Beverly Hills (1986)

Director: Dallas Houston
Starring: Porshe Lynn, Summer Rose, Colleen Brenan, Vanessa D’Oro, Herschel Savage, Buck Adams, Tony Martino.
Sadie (Porsche Lynn) is a young girl who lives on the streets, disguising her beauty from male tansients by posing as a worn-out, old bag lady. One day while roaming the alleys on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, she comes upon a rich girl (Summer Rose) in diestress and saves her life. Sadie instantly taken up by the socialite’s family, which includes hot mama, Colleen Brennan, big daddy Herschel Savage, horny son Tony Martino, Vanessa D’Oro, the maid, and gardener Buck Adams; all of who are moved or motivated in some way by the sensuous street girls tempestuous charms.

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