Dixie (1976)

Director: Summer Brown
Starring: Abigail Clayton, Mii Morgan, Spring Finlay, Judy DeWitt, John Leslie, Ken Scudder, David Book, John Seeman, Norman Osaka, Turk Lyon.
Dixie has two older sisters who are so so good, but they can’t persuade her to fly the straight and narrow. Dixie was born to be wild. She’s sexually attracted to every man she meets on the street and takes them to bed, one after the other. The sisters give up on reforming Dixie and decide to trick her instead. They begin arranging meetings for her with friends of theirs, knowing that each encounter will wind up in bed. This is where the action takes off into pure lustful erotica, as Dixie lights everybody’s fire. Just when you think there’s nothing left over for the two good sisters, they get into the act too.

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