Divine Decadence (1987)

Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: Alicia Monet, Anna Fischer, Catherine Crystal, Laura Lenz, Nina Hartley, Joey Silvera, Roberto Bigo, Sascha Atzenbeck, Tom Byron.
For the past year, newlyweds Emily and Victor have been living in a villa on the French Riviera. An outsider might think these two are on an extended honeymoon… but they’re really living a wanton, sex-filled life of Divine Decadence. Into this bizarre sex-world Victor’s sister Carol comes for a visit. Soon she is initiated into the depraved desires of the jet-set, and discovers her brother’s shocking secret. Featuring Europe’s most beautiful erotic actresses, get ready to experience the depths of debauchery, where sexual tastes and desires have been perfected into a sizzling art form.

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