Diversions (1976)

AKA: Gefangenen Express
Sex Express
Director: Derek Ford
Starring: Heather Deeley, acky Rigby, Gillian Sykes, Jeffrey Morgan, Timothy Blackstone, James Lister, Tim Burr, Christopher Gilbert, Terry Walsh, Tony Kenyon, Derek Martin.
Piccadilly is London’s Times Square, all gigantic glaring neon. It’s where you go to buy sex in one form or another. Diversions is Piccadilly’s export to the mid seventies wave of imported porn. It employs many exploitation elements through its anecdotal narrative. A woman is transported in handcuffs and under guard by train to prison, and she has a series of erotic daydreams. They range from lyrical haystack fucking to being a Red Cross nurse in World War II ravaged by a group of soldiers. The big shock scene is the vampire fantasy, where she dresses in rubber and you’ll just have to watch this to see how it ends. Diversions is for fans of the freaky, and its star, Heather Deely, is a big-titted slut.

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