Die LustKatzen (2001)

Director: Jack Crawler
Starring: Dora Venter, Julia Taylor, Laura Angel, Madalina Ray.
Laura Endzhel and Julia Taylor – the real goddesses of a modern porno, and not only European. The collection of excellent scenes with their participation under the name “Lewd kitties” proves it very successfully. Julia Taylor nevertheless concedes in competition for a palm tree of the most passionate and unbridled woman to the colleague Laure. But, on the other hand, Julias has fine carried with directors – almost all scenes on this collection are taken from Mario Salieri’s films, and he doesn’t have uninteresting women; when he removes Julia Taylor, she shines most brightly. It is necessary to look at the eighth episode of the collection, where Julia works together with marginal Doroj Venter to feel all hypnotism of this not such the passionate actress.
But in Laure Endzhel there is simply everything that should be at a great pornostar. She a body – but how there can be large a Greek sculpture. Laura Endzhel in general is so good on the screen that sometimes it seems a live embodiment of an erotic comic book, as Dzhessika from ” Who has substituted a rabbit of Rodzhera”. In this collection she doesn’t have bad scenes. Especially it is necessary to pay attention, how oral episodes of Laury which deny a stereotype about inability of Europeans to do the real screen blow job are picked successfully up. In those scenes where near to Lauroj Endzhel there are undoubtedly beautiful women – Anita Blond, Madalina Rai – this dark-haired Czech with slanting eyes at all doesn’t lose to them, because she is madly charming, and is madly sexual.

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