Desire (1982)

Director: Vinni Rossi
Starring: Mai Lin, Kay Parker, Misty Dawn, Becky Savage, Tamara Longley, Ruby Smart, Bunny Bleu, Scott Irish, William Margold, Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage, Jerry Davis, Randy West, Mark Harris.
Old Tobias Clark hires a psychologist, played by Kay Parker, to help him come to terms with a regretful decision he made in his youth. He gave up love for money and let the haunting beauty Lily, played by Tamara Longley, slip through his hands. While working on the case, Dr. Verlay probes a sampling of patients to find their definition of “desire,” a word Lily used as she walked out of Tobias’ life. In the end, Tobias and Dr. Verlay get the answers they were looking for but probably did not quite expect.
“Desire” boasts an all-star cast in some of the most sensual, mood-enhancing sequences ever filmed. Kay Parker’s performance has created a sensation with many adult film critics.

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