Desir Fatal (2002)

AKA: Fatal Desire
Starring: Dora Venter, Dolly Golden, Monica Moore, Nomi, Phillippe Soine, Bruno Sx, Marc Barrow, Ian Scott, Cristina Bella, Rumika, Princesse Elisa, Horst P. Horst, Linda, Sebastion Barrio, Celine, Pascal St. James, Thomas Santini, William, Victor Willis.
Intrigue runs rampant through the mansion as the author’s party for a new bookgets way out of hand! When a mysterious crime occurs during the night of revelry, a hardened detective must put the clues together and bring the perpetrators to justice. And just when you thought that the twists and turnscouldn’t become more complex, the strangest witness you’ve ever encountered rears his multi-colored head. What the hell does that mean? You’ll need a Fatal Desire to find out!

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