Delicieux Outrages (1997)

AKA: Ricordi Morbosi
The Birthday
Director: Mike Foster
Starring: Amanda Steel, Anita Blond, Erika Bella, Kathy Kash, Rita Cardinale, Sophie, Andrew Youngman, Frank Gun, Mike Foster, Nick Lang.
After a very exciting life lewd, Henritta combining marriage with Pierre, with a little naive and wealthy philistine who ignores all of her past. In their first anniversary of marriage, she invited longtime friends, who all shared her erotic adventures. Home incident awakens in Henritty inventions that are put attractive to his friends as well as for Dzhulitty. Thus, a banquet, where all are united around the table, he reminded above, partouze, where, blindfolded, put it, for most of great pleasure to touch women and men … Erotic scene from the life that could be yours.

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