Deep Insiders (1987)

Starring: Rachel Ashley, Cara Lott, Robin Lee.
Check out the behind the scenes hanky-panky in the filthy rich world of stock trading and defense contraction. Laura Lonetree is a major player with a scheme to get very rich, very quickly. Her plan is to buy a majority of stock in a manufacturing plant hat is going to receive a major defense contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars. However, two people stand in Laura’s way. One is the strict government auditor who either makes of breaks the deal. Laura uses her seductive persuasion on him the fullest. The other is Priscilla Knutson-Boltz, the chairman’s granddaughter. She as an attraction for women, and Laura wastes not time getting to know her, intimately. Laura will let nothing stop her in her quest for big, big bucks.

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