Deep Inside Trading (1987)

AKA: Deep Inside Manhattan
Director: L. Vincent Ravine
Starring: Krista Lane, Cara Lott, Rachel Royce, Siobhan Hunter, Sheri St. Clair, Tara Blanc, Veronica Vera, Rick Savage, Scott Baker, Damien Cashmere, David Morris, Randy Paul, Brett Sims, Rugby Rhodes.
High finance has never been so much fun as in this lascivious look at the wanton side of Wall Street. Whether it’s a bear market or a bull market, these sex-crazed traders always end up on top! Krista Lane turns in one of her most memorable performances ever as a shapely stock market siren who treats her clients to a little something extra — extra hot, that is! Krista’s luscious curves are only the first of many tantalizing treats on display in this overheated opus, though. Sultry Siobhan Hunter and buxom Cara Lott are among the other enticing eroticists who are ready to do whatever — and whoever — it takes to get some inside info. And you thought Enron investors were the only ones getting screwed!

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