Deep Inside Samantha Fox (1980s)

Starring: Annie Sprinkles, Tara Aire, Samantha Fox, R. Bolla, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy, Jack Wrangler, Gerard Damiano, Bobby Astyr.
Samantha Fox was born in NYC in the 1950’s. Throughout her younger years, she became heavily involved in dance, eventually dancing as a professional. She is an intense and sizzling brunette with a gorgeous body. Her first adult role was in the Video-X-Pix hit, Bad Penny (1978), directed by Chuck Vincent. After this, she began to take on lead roles as an adult starlet and shortly after entering the industry, Samantha was already on her way to legendary status. She was indeed a true gem of the golden age. Her on-screen chemistry and scenes with performer/husband Bobby Astyr were among the most entertaining of all time. This collection of Samantha Fox’s most erotic scenes from the VXP vault is a must have for any serious collector of golden age erotica. This is vintage porn at it’s finest.

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