Debbie Duz Dishes 2 – Blazing Mattresses (1986)

Starring: Nina Hartley, Lois Ayres, Mauvais De Noir, Kelli Richards, Alexis Greco, Mike Horner, Jerry Butler, Jonathan Younger, Jon Martin.
Nina Hartley returns as ditzy Debbie in this second edition of the fun-filled series. This time out, Nina’s got to face down a government agency that’s got its sights set on tearing down her house to make room for a new freeway. Meanwhile, she’s also busy trying to set up a surprise party for her husband’s birthday. Even with all this on her plate, she still finds time for lots of lusty liaisons with the guys and gals around her neighborhood. The flick finds Nina at the absolute top of her game. Youthfully vivacious, scrumptiously sexy and beyond enthusiastic, Nina serves as the sassy centerpiece to a whole host of heated humdingers. The light-hearted tone of the original is replicated here to perfection, with Nina delivering lots of wry jokes as some freaky frolicking goes on all around her. The cast also includes some other tasty tarts, including luscious Lois Ayres and svelte brunette bad girl Kelli Richards. Kelli turns in one of the video’s hottest moments when she takes on swarthy black realtor Jonathan Younger in a feverish interracial blast. Not to be outdone, Nina also takes him on in an orallicious exchange that’s sure to get a rise out of any audience. Goofy, breezy and filled with gorgeous women and explosive sex, ‘Debbie Duz Dishes #2’ is a treat.

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