Danger In The Night (2006)

Director: Andrea Nobili
Starring: Kathy Anderson, Nikky Sun, Claudia Rossi, Erika Neri, Simona, Andrea Nobili, Omar Galanti, Fausto Moreno, Big Willy, Robert Rosenberg, Giorgio Grandi, Kevin Long, Marco Nero, Francesco Marco, Franco Trentalance, Molfetta Giovanni, Miro Da Nola, Nico Safiro, Kikka, David Fabbri, Vittoria, Luca, Rossy, Beps.
One night a peaceful engineer named Andrea, troubled by insomnia, decides to go for a drive to relax. While approaching the airport a beautiful stranger, Diana, suddenly drops on his car hood while she is running away from some killers. This is how their crazy escape begins. Diana smuggle some emeralds and has no intention of letting them go, so Andrea becomes the unaware accomplice of her escape. After entrusting the emeralds to a friend of hers, the two pass from one ambush to the other till the moment they meet Jack, Dian’s mature and rich ex-lover plagued by the immobility of a disease and by his unbearable wife. There’s no time not only for resting but nor for thinking of the insomnia and the good Andrea already very attracted by the beautiful stranger, does all he can to help her. After clinching the deal in a satisfying manner and having received a suitcase full of money from Diana’s ex lover, the two, who at last are in love, decide to cut and run…

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