Dallas Schoolgirls (1981)

Starring: Tiffany Clark, Mercedes Benz, Misty Regan, Samantha Fox, Tara Aire, Adam DeHaven, Ashley Moore, Carter Stevens, David Christopher, Eric Ryan, George Payne, John Christopher, Johnny Wadd, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy.
Heather, Bonnie, and Cindy have a slumber party to celebrate their reunion after a five year separation. They compare what has happened to them, and how different they have become.
What hasn’t changed is Mr. Cobb, the next door neighbor who babysat for the girls years ago, and who now witnesses them, unseen, from a ladder perched next to their window.
The girls trade notes on what has happened to them: Romance at the high school prom, a Sex-Ed class where gifted students receive individual instruction, a traveling saleslady with unusual products, how to have a ball at boring weddings, and a head spinning helicopter flight around Dallas.
After revealing their secrets to each other, the girls make up for lost time and come together in more ways than one! Finally, they discover Mr. Cobb’s spying. Dallas School Girls is a fast, fun, adult film that delivers every inch of excitement you could want.

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