Cupid’s Arrow (1984)

Director: Drea
Starring: Lisa Deleeuw, Rose Marie, Karen Summer, Bobby Bullock, Dino Alexander, Jerry Davis.
The myth lustily lives on! The God of Love is alive and loose in modern suburbia! A deranged stockbroker decides that there isn’t enough love in the world, so he’s going to give it some. Transforming himself into the mythical character, he goes out into the world equipped with a toy dart gun that possesses the power of passion.
This zany spoof takes place in his neighbor’s house, where love has been lacking. After entering their house and shooting a desirous dart into a bowl of fruit – knowing that those who gobble…will wobble – he slips away, unseen.
The action begins when Mrs. Suburbia eats an apple, then tries to eat her ho-hum husband! Friend after fruit-eating friend takes lust into their own hands when eating Cupid’s fire inducing fruit. After peeling a banana they’re unpeeling their clothes!
Cupid’s Arrow! Keeps you laughing with it’s playful plot, because you never know who will drop over hungry for some fruit – and end up getting eaten, themselves! Foxy female fruit-eaters find plenty of fruit juice to drink. This is one loose legend you won’t want to myth.

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