Cuore Di Mamma (2005)

Director: Andy Casanova
Starring: Jessica Gayle, Letizia Bruni, Martina, Uma Best, Francesco Malcom, Gabriel Montoya, Antonio Vesuvio, Marco Nero.
The story is relatively complicated: A married couple is already having problems after just two years of married life, it’s the same old same old. They decide to go visit the woman’s sister and ask for her advice. So far so simple. But who could have guessed that there reside hordes of sex-crazed people there? That the mother likes groping her son best is only the beginning. It gets really wild once the above mentioned couple moves in, and, to make things a bit more complicated, bring along their maid. As the sister employs a few domestics herself and there’s a grandad prowling the house as well, all hell breaks loose. It’s a matter of course that the ensuing action is not restricted to simple fucks; where people meet there will be more than just loving going on – arguments are predestined. Jealousy ahoi. In short: a nice story with beautiful people told in the typical Italian manner. With lots of sex of course, lots and lots. Anal too.

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