Cum Bunnies (1996)

Director: Rodney Moore
Starring: Donna Warner, Vanessa, Vannah, Victoria Hill, Renee, Racquel, Brittany O’Connell, Wolf Savage, Rodney Moore.
Rodney Moore is back and bawdier than ever with this latest lascivious concoction. This one is more of Rodney’s usual gonzo antics, with a slight twist — he has each of his hot-to-trot honeys put on a pair of rabbit ears prior to trysting. What this adds to the eroticism we’re not exactly sure, but it certainly does make this one of the most unique sexvids we’ve seen in some time! What really makes this one worth watching, though, is the come-hither collection of carnal cuties that Rodney has once again assembled. The hottest is Vannah, a stunning redheaded ravisher whose smooth-skinned beauty is pure erotic eye candy. Vannah’s sassy, saucy way with a sex scene seals the deal. Hard-charging Donna Warner is another treat, sporting short hair and some seriously sensual natural curves. Donna tears into her scene with the passion and energy of someone who truly loves what she’s doing. Newcomer Renee is a lithe brunette bad girl who sheds her inhibitions shortly after shedding her clothes. Victoria Hill brings her luscious backside to a steamy session, while black beauty Vanessa goes all out to please. Fans of hirsute honeys will flip for Raquel, a brash gal who shies away from shaving but never from down and dirty debauchery. A fun, sex-drenched romp that will keep you hopping!

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