Crossing Over (1991)

AKA: Rocco E Moana Nell’orgia Trans
Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: Moana Pozzi, Eva Orlowsky, Jeanna Fine, Marilyn Rose, Rayne, Sabre, Sharon Kane, Zara Whites, Joey Silvera, Jon Dough, Karen Dior, Rick Savage, Rocco Siffredi, Sikki Nixx, Todd Alexander, Tony Richards.
Jon Dough’s terse, Big Bird physical style has always been a character waiting for the big movie part to land. And this time it may have in this very offbeat “drag” detective yarn.
Dough is an obsessive-compulsive P.I. named Cooper Newton who’s constantly spray cleaning his desk and lecturing his gal friend Zara Whites, who looks striking in this film, about what a slob she is. Dough is called to track down the whereabouts of one John Gladstone who has presumably dropped off the face of the earth. Has Gladstone been knocked off? Has anyone suggested checking out Gladstone’s in Malibu for openers?

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