Cronaca Nera 3 – La Clinica Della Vergogna (1994)

Director: Mario Salieri
Starring: Selen, Deborah Wells, Dalila, Anita Dark, Stefania Sartori, Monique Covet, Anita Blond, Don Fernando, Joe Calzone, Eric Weiss, Backey Jakic, J. Philippe Demond.
This film is part of Salieri’s ‘Crime News, Adapting Real Events For Screen’. It revolves around the heartbreaking predicament of a desperate wife, determined to save her husband suffering from an acute aneurysm. As a last-ditch attempt she decides to pay the astronomical fee the surgeon demands for the life-saving operation, but winds ends up getting involved in a dreadful event, which after all benefits the surgeon.

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