Cronaca Nera 1 – Scuole Superiori (1994)

Director: Mario Salieri
Starring: Selen, Simona Valli, Maria Liberato, Regina McDavis, Rebecca, Beatrice Valle, Giulia Chanel, Robert Malone, Francesco Malcolm, Joe Calzone, Wilfried De Renzi, Jolth Walton, Richard Voicin, Ennio Zeri, Mauro Imperato, Nicola Asuraro, Luigi Barbato, Antonio Porfiro, Anna Levi, Gabriella Finizio, Sandro Oliva.
We are introduced into a courtroom where we hear the details of a significant sexual harresment – in which a professor allegedly takes advantage of students – througout the various stages of a criminal prosecution. Executed in the original style of Salieri the motion picture is completed with extreme care with ocasional scenes of extreme perversion.In keeping to Salieri’s high production values this motion picture was made to exacting high standards throughout the series of crime news and are based on corruption and real life events. You have been warned!

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