Crocerossine Italiane Offresi (2006)

Director: Giancarlo Bini
Starring: Lisa Rose, Liz Honey, Victoria Slim, Maria Szolontai, Andy Brown.
I wish they had nurses like this in the United States! Watch the healthcare system in Italy, and how well they take care of their patients. There is a whole lot of Dr. Feelgood to go around. The prescription is blowjobs, ass fucking, and pussy blasting until everyone feels better. And judging by the loads of cum dumped, and the look on everyone’s face, they know just what you need! Film really nice and exciting! Our porn stars of Red Cross nurses are moving in the heart of Corsica saves … … but you ask those who have saved these beautiful nurses? But many dicks sick in the grip of loneliness so much … but we were terribly saddened Zoccole our young people succeed with all their professionalism ‘to save these fearless NERC! And then it says that the hospital system does not work.

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