Creatures Of The Night (1987)

Director: Charlie Diamond
Starring: Sade, Penny Lane, Jessica Wylde, Angel Kelly, Patty Plenty, Damien Cashmere, Jesse Eastern, Don Fernando, Frank James.
Some of the greatest demons we face in the world are in the deepest parts of our own minds. Dr. Susan White has come to understand that statement all too well! With the invention of a mind probing device, her subjects are exploring every sexually deviant act they can think of. Nothing is taboo when these people delve into their deepest, darkest carnal fantasies! Through her experiments, we learn the true meaning of passion, passion so intense; it shatters the boundaries of taboo. Flammable passion is released as every fiber of our sexual nerves are ignited, exploding to the ultimate climax of uninhibited pleasure. The total release that turns us all into…Creatures of the Night.

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