Corporate Assets 1 (1985)

AKA: Das Syndikat
Starring: Sheri St. Clair, Brittany O’Connell, Harry Reems, Helen Duval, Herschel Savage, Misty Rain, Nicole Lace, Rachel Ashley, Shelby Stevens, Amber Lynn, Tamara Longley, Tish Ambrose, Valentino, Alex Sanders, Vince Voyeur, William Margold, Francois Papillion.
This was one of the adult blockbusters of 1985 when the Golden Age was drawing to a close. It was the directorial debut of Thomas Paine, who had been working on the mainstream side of the movie industry and remains active in the adult part of it to this very day, and presented one of the best possible combinations of plot and porn ever concocted. The always-underrated Tish Ambrose delivers a career performance as Jill mother hen to a handful of call girls used (and that is the right word for it) by wicked Robert Bolla for corporate blackmail schemes. The other girls are fan favorites all, ranging from unusually sweet and sensuous Amber Lynn to the elegantly debauched Rachel Ashley. Most memorable is the multi-award winning Sheri St. Claire as new kid Babette who soon learns the ins and outs of Bolla’s set-up the hard way. Though the story’s involving, it may disconcert some viewers that there is occasional violence to be found, sometimes in conjunction with the sex. A very well acted adult classic, a tribute to days gone by when the ‘adult’ tag meant more than just explicit sexual content.

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