Coochies Under Fire 3 (1997)

Starring: Lil’ Ass, Kitten, Golden Jade, Lennox, Menage Trois, Vanessa Blue, Cheyenne, Black Cherry.
The third edition of the all-black, all-girl series continues in much the same vein as the previous two, with a bunch of gals turned loose on one another with only the flimsiest of pretexts. The fun begins when four rough and tumble vixens find themselves stuck in that familiar jail cell set we’ve all seen. Well, what better way to pass the time than by stripping down and enjoying some lusty lesbian play? Meanwhile, in a wacky mental institution on the other side of town, four more sex-crazed strumpets decide to do the same. The video then spends the rest of its running time cutting between the passionate group groping going on at each locale. The gals in prison turn in the more uniformly torrid trysting, with sweet Golden Jade serving as the sexy centerpiece. All four of these wanton women really go to town, tearing into the action with an ardor that can’t be faked. Menaja stands out from the pack in the mental ward, eagerly throwing herself into the mix and making sure that all concerned get what’s coming to them. Menaja’s wild woman antics drive the sequence relentlessly forward, and by the time this one’s all done we’ve seen some truly breathtaking Sapphic set-tos. A nice, solid sexvid that’s long on heat and short on motivation. “A nice mix of familiar faces and rookies!” — Adam Black Video Directory.

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