Coming Of Age (1989)

Starring: Honey More, Nikki Charm, Cheri Taylor, Tami Monroe, Tori Welles, Porche Lynn, Mandi Wine, Fred J. Lincoln, Peter North, Tom Byron, William Sweet, Joey Silvera, Christopher Charm, Wayne Stevens.
How are you going to keep Tami down on the farm after she’s seen Aunt Trixie’s? You see, TAMI runs away from home and ends up at Trixie’s whorehouse. Soon TAMI’S COMING OF AGE is complete! Torrid Tina gives the innocent lass her first taste of frantic lesbian lust. And that’s just for starters! The horny hookers at this no-tell motel provide one luscious sexual escapade after another. Even Aunt Trixie gets into the act in an outrageous bang-a-thon with a special male customer! The atmosphere positively oozes sex! It isn’t long before Tami picks up the tricks-of-the-trade. If she’s anything like her aunt, she’s going to go a long, long way.

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