Coming In Style (1986)

Starring: Kimberly Carson, Sharon Kane, Susan Nero, Dick Howard, Robert Bullock.
What goes on behind the doors of a swanky beauty salon? You’ll find everyone’s coming in style as this horny tale of carnal comb-outs unravels. Sidney the hairdresser works on stiffs (in a funeral parlor, that is) until his friend. David gets him to move uptown. Why? So Sidney can use her talents on David’s escort girls. Sexpot customers Kimberly Carson and Sharon Kane get streaked, stroked and teased (even before they get their hair done) at Sidney’s new Fifth Avenue Salon. But that’s not all that happens as one butt-slapping, wick-dipping adventure follows another. These beauties and many more quickly discover when Sidney puts you in the chair, a little dah will do ya!

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