Coed Fever (1980)

Director: Robert McCallum
Starring: Samantha Fox, Serena, Juliet Anderson, Lysa Thatcher, Lisa De Leeuw, Vanessa Del Rio, John Leslie, Tawny Pearl, Arcadia Lake, Annette Haven, Brooke West, Aaron Stuart, Devon Harrison.
A motion picture that centers around four lovely co-eds, and their boyfriends, escapades when they are jilted by the girls because they’re not in keeping with the status of the sorority. Especially now that the sorority is to be feature in a notional magazine that is owned by the sorority president, Kimberley’s father. The girls are not happy with this arrangement but they want to stay in school and the sorority, so they give in to Kimberly’s orders to stop seeing the boys of UPPA YOU fraternity.
Revenge is in the air. The boys from UPPA YOU take action. Jamie, the house stud recruits an erotic dancer, Vanessa, to pose as a sorority girl. While the real sorority girls are out and she leads the reporters on a tour of the house. It’s a tour they won’t forget! An upstairs room in the house has been decorated in ‘modern sexual madness’ designed by the fraternity. As the festivities progress Kimberly and her father return. They discover the magazine photographer locked into a set of medieval stocks. UPPA YOU’s ‘sorority’ girl dressed in a cut away nun’s habit with a pair of feet (not hers) peeking out from the hem of her habit. This is just one of many sex sessions antics found in this film.
Be sure not to miss this great picture.

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