Clausura (1995)

AKA: Monaca Lussuriosa
Depravazione In Convento
Die Versaute Nonne
La Monaca Lussuriosa
Sonore Lezioni
Suore Depravate In Un Convento Di Clausura
Director: Luca Damiano
Starring: Maria Szolontai, Judith Kostner, Lady Roxy, Prisca, Roberto Malone, Alex Mantegna, Levente, Philippe Dean.
A girl arrives in a convent. She has renounced to her freedom and her life. But very soon, with the help of her cell friend, the girl understands that the life in the convent is not so bad. In the convent, the sisters stimulated by a seclusion not always chosen by themselves, they try to be free with their secret and repressive desires. So a sex orgy will involve even the gardener, the Confessor, the boys that help the priest for the mass and everyone who has the possibility to enter the convent. But all the sisters who are thristy of sex will be inflicted the right punishment. That’s only an excuse to make new perverse and sadism games and to live a sexual life with no limits.

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