Cirque Du Sex 2 (1996)

Starring: Marylin Star, Lexi Leigh, Tyler, Morgan Fairlane, Missy, Papillon, Dave Hardman, Mike Horner, Tony Martino, Mickey, Don Fernando.
Marylin Star has become the prime attraction at the Cirque Du Sex, a three-ring monument to the erotically bizarre and sexually peculiar. Under this big top the emphasis is on fetish in all of its delicious forms. Things kick off with Lexi Leigh in a pitch-black room surrounded by what seems a platoon of obviously excited guys. Lexi proceeds to make all of their dreams come true in a scene whose heat is only intensified by its startling anonymity. Then Missy and Mickey tear through leather body suits to get to the soft and warm girl flesh underneath. Beautifully filmed, and shot through with imagination and piping libido, this is a new classic.

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