Chocolate Bon-Bons (1985)

Starring: Daphne Jones, Lotta Topp, Simone la Cruz, Syreeta Taylor, Tasha Voux, Ashley Moore, B. Servant, Bobby Spector, David Christopher, Michael Gaunt.
A Wonder Drug in the form of candy has been discovered by a chocolade manufactured headed by a sexy woman. This drug has the power to heighten the sexual potency of the male and make their offsprings more powerful. As a result numerous corporapions and goverments are competing with one another to gain control of the wonder drug. The inflamous spy team of The Falcon and The Snow-girl are just two of the agents who are engaged against the forces of evil led by the greedy tycoon Roger Stillwater.
Utilizing the backdrop of the annual Candy Manufacturers Convention at a famous resort the participants engage in all different sorts of sexual action and polical hi-jinks as they each atemps to gain the magical candy for thenselves.
Powerful interracial action amonst a super-sluth setting makes for a fast paced action packed video.

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