China Lust (1976)

Starring: Melba Bruce, Vicky Lindsay, Herbert Wong, Peter Johns, Veronica Taylor, Jeff Lyle, Laura Bourbon, Desiree West, Ken Scudder, Linda Wong.
While vacationing in San Francisco, a young couple discover a powerful icon that drives whoever possesses it into a frenzy of erotic excitement. It’s the mystical Jade Penis, an amulet that takes control of its owners from the moment they take it home. After they find out just how powerful the Jade Penis is, the couple are accosted by another bunch of sex-crazed creeps, ready to steal off with the idol and make their own merriment. But who does the Penis really belong to, anyway? Eventually, everyone in town seems to be affected by the strange erotic power of the Penis. Filled with naturally nubile starlets of the 70s, ‘China Lust’ is a one-way ticket to sensual abandon that simply can not be denied.

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