China Girl (1974)

Starring: Annette Haven, Sharon Thorpe, Pamela Yen, Tony Douglass, Bonnie Holliday, Ramola Young, James Hong, Barry Frye, Lou Ganapoler, Donna Christopher, Janet Ross, Todd Jones, Bob Carr, Roahne Alexander, Susan Song-Li, Sandra Winters.
Golden Age superstar Annette Haven stars as a sexy scientist who’s hit on a new formula that could help expand people’s memories. But when a foreign government decides that it wants to steal the formula away, Annette finds herself captured by enemy agents. They try and get the facts from her with their new torture technique — driving the victim mad with pleasure instead of pain! But little do they realize that Annette is an insatiable sex machine who can wear out every last stud they send her way! This 1974 sizzler finds Annette at her youthful best, romping through scene after scene without ever losing her erotic enthusiasm. A great chance to check out one of porn’s all-time sexiest starlets!

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