Chasey Loves Rocco (1996)

Director: Toni English
Starring: Chasey Lain, Caroll De Bois, Jeanna Fine, Roxanne Hall, Rocco Siffredi, Marc Wallice, Bobby Vitale, Dic Tracy.
Marc Wallice is a movie producer who has accepted money from some knuckle-dragging mobster types to make a film that is now in deep financial troubles. That of course means Wallice is also now in deep trouble. So he goes to Rocco Siffredi for help. Rocco has money, but not enough to save the day. The boys then approach Chasey Lain to get her to use her awesome talents to produce a movie with will make enough money to save both the first film and Wallice’s now-endangered hide. Chasey and Rocco finalize the deal with a wild coupling which is graced with more blazing chemistry than exploding napalm. Also of note on the sexual front is Rocco and Jeana Fine’s hard-hitting sex session which closes out the tape. A must have for fans of the luscious green-eyed Chasey.

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