Charli (1981)

Director: Godfrey DanielsStarring: Jesse St. James, Eric Edwards, Annette Haven, Marilyn Chambers, Arcadia Lake, Billy Dee, Lee Caroll, Randy West.
Charli is a film for lovers. It is the story that every man and every woman who have ever truly been in or out of love will identify with. Instinctively conceived, sensitively produced, Charli is an experience everyone who has ever really cared about another person will relate to – hurting along with its frustrations, and celebrating with its triumphant gladness.
Jesse St. James is Charli, moving through her characterization with a lovely grace and believable sensitivity. Eric Edwards is her husband Jack, bestowing on his part a flesh and blood portrayal of a man laboring to be caring and constant against all the odds that today’s environment can impose. Charli is a love story, a real love story.

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