Chambres D’amis Tres Particulieres (1983)

AKA: Very Particular Guest Rooms
Starring: Carole L’Yle, Cathy Menard, Cathy Stewart, Claudia van Statt, Olivia Flores, Valerie Vitoria.
Swapmeet is a French film from 1982, also known as Chambres D’amis Tres Particulieres, and was either shot in English or very well dubbed. It concerns a couple who’ve inherited a Victorian house from the wife’s aunt, and it comes complete with servants. Those include a sexy brunette housekeeper who knows all the mansion’s secrets – such as the secret rooms, and an elaborate spying system that allows anyone in the master bedroom to peep on the activities in every room in the house. First, the housekeeper uses it to peep on the house’s new owners, but after she joins them in a threesome, she shows them how the system works – and of course, they use it to spy on their guests’ after-dinner activities, and later, to get extra pleasure watching participants in the orgy they’ve arranged. No major stars, but decently hot sex with good-looking babes.

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