Cellar Dweller (1996)

Director: Robert Black
Starring: Missy, Alicia Rio, Heather Lee, Tricia Devereaux, Barbi, Jessica Kane, Steve Hatcher, Mickey G., Rick Masters.
Director Robert Black plays the proprietor of a pawn shop where customers come to lay down their money to live out their sexual fantasies in his enchanted cellar. These fantasies of course include some truly kinky stuff, including Missy and Alicia Rio’s four-alarm cat-fight turned sapphic love-in turned amazing gang bang. Then Missy finds herself in a shark cage surrounded by fin-sporting blue-movie favorites Rick Masters, Steve Hatcher and Mickey. Sad-to-say, the sharks get the poor lass – or does she get them? It’s hard to tell what with all the thunderous group groping going on. “A must-stock video”.

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