Cecilia (1979)

Starring: Elisabeth Bure, Elodie Delage, Helene Shirley, Anna Veruska, Martine Capellaro, Mika Barthel, Jacques Marbeuf, Hubert Geral, Andre Kay, Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello, Gianni Vallone, Gilbert Servien, Carmelo Petix, Piotr Stanislas, Arthur Odge, Omar Faudel.
Cecilia is fed up with her husband who keeps on watching TV, drinking beer, belching and picking his teeth. After some fun with the plumber (not so frequent nowadays, are they?), a postman bringing a telegram, a salesman and a female nurse, Cecilia agrees on going to the “maison de rendez-vous” (what’s the English for…) owned by one of her female friends. Just watching at first, she quicly gets attracted by money and gets down to work. From now on her husband will have to pay for her “services”.

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