Cave Women (1979)

AKA: Once Upon Annette
Starring: Abigail Clayton, Amber Hunt, Annette Haven, Cris Cassidy, Desiree West, China Leigh, Bob Bluecloud, Carl Regal, Blair Harris, Paul Thomas, Mick Jones, James Fong.
Welcome to the future. Meet Annette Haven, scientist, archaeologist, student of human sexuality. Her mission- To learn as much about the sexual habits of early man as possible. Her subjects- Two whites, two orientals, two blacks. The result- A non-stop lust lab in which every possible combination is explored. Until the end, when Annette gets down in the cave and finds out how it’s done, first hand, on the rocks. Watch Once Upon a Time. And look out. If she finds you, she’ll be on your bones before you can say Neanderthal.

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