Caught From Behind 8 (1988)

Director: Hal Freeman
Starring: Barbara Doll, Laurel Canyon, Tanya Foxx, Tiffany Storm, Lori Peacock, Havana, Sasha Gabor, Ron Jeremy, Mark Wallice, Randy Paul, Fallon, Valentina.
In this eighth erotic edition of the sizzling series, we get a nearly incomprehensible plot that revolves equally around a mysterious kidnapping and heated back door boffing. While the plot falls apart soon after kickoff, the blistering action will certainly keep you riveted to the screen. The highlight of this one comes courtesy of Barbi Doll, the lusciously curvaceous cutie who was one of the top starlets of the 80s. Barbi turns in a wondrously erotic anal outing here, exuding erotic energy as she and Tanya Fox show some lucky stiff the torrid time of his life. Barbi really loses herself in the action and the result is one of the spiciest segments this series has seen so far. Also well worth noting is the scorching encounter between Laurel Canyon and Ron Jeremy. While it might seem unlikely at best, Laurel really seems enamored of Ron and delves into the scene with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. With the luscious likes of Tiffany Storm, Amanda Tyler and Fallon also on hand to lend their curves to the rear entry romping, this stacks up as one of the best entries in series history. A must-see for fans of the genre or anyone who’s into the ever-alluring Barbi Doll.

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