Caught From Behind 3 – The Movie (1985)

Starring: Ali Moore, Buffy Davis, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Kristara Barrington, Marc Wallice, Stevie Taylor, Andrea Roland, Tamara, Tamara Longley, Cheri Janvier.
The third edition of the booty busting series finds the good Dr. Proctor on vacation. His sex clinic is being looked after by his partner Dr. Sheldon, played to the wacky hilt by the always affable Ron Jeremy. Jeremy is perfect for the role, which calls for lots of eyeball rolling and delivery of zany punchlines in addition to the more traditional studly skills. This video is notable for containing the only on-screen anal sex scene from 80s superstarlet Ali Moore. Ali was a tremendously tight bodied cutie pie whose mouthwatering figure and wide-eyed look of innocence landed her lots of young ingenue roles. Here, she takes on Marc Wallice in a steamy, sensual back door boff that really raises temperatures. Ali’s naturalistic responses and absolutely stunning good looks drive the scene through the roof, and fans of hers will certainly want to pick up this one-of-a-kind video. Also strutting their sassy stuff are such naturally curvalicious cuties as Buffy Davis and Tamara Longley, two of the hardest working women in 80s porn. Hard-charging Asian sex kitten Kristara Barrington is also on hand, lending her amorous assets to the proceedings. Each gal gets in on her fair share of rear entry ravishing, but it’s Ali’s scene that really steals the show.

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