Caught From Behind 2 – The Sequel (1983)

Director: Hal Freeman
Starring: Rose Marie, Eric Edwards, Raysheena, Sue Wadsworth, Ron Jeremy, Rhonda Shantell, Paul Thomas, Karen Klein, Tom La Rock, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Dick Harris, Scott Irish, Nancy Sutter, Mary Gass.
The second edition of the anally obsessed series once again brings us the amorous antics of Dr. Proctor, this time played by Eric Edwards in a daft performance. Edwards brings in a string of sexually troubled patients and somehow comes to the same diagnosis for each of them — what they really need is a hefty dose of anal sex. While this doesn’t go down too well with some of the gals, the good doctor makes sure that he teaches them everything they need to know about back door boffing. The cast is chock-full of wanton women who show off their natural curves in scene after scene of blistering 80s-style action. Some rarely seen sirens share their wares here, including the stunning Sue Wadsworth. Sue turns in a gripping segment that makes the most of her shapely figure and sex-hungry attitude. Angel Cash is a bit better known in hardcore circles, and she lets loose with a dazzlingly high energy performance. Toss in the lascivious likes of Raysheena and Karen Klein and you’ve got the makings of a first-rate anal extravaganza. There’s a reason that this series ran for so long, and it’s because it consistently delivered red-hot rear entry romping without ever taking itself too seriously. A great pick for fans of luscious ladies and bawdy booty busting.

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