Caught From Behind 17 – Step To The Rear (1992)

Starring: Mimi Miyagi, Samantha York, Hitomi Kaiman, Cumisha Amado , Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice, Rebecca Bardoux.
Ron Jeremy is back once again as a proctologist obsessed with back-door boffing, and Marc Wallice is his partner both in his practice and in his vices. At the beginning of this episode, Ron is all broken up because he has lost his favorite nurse, “Fanny” (Cumisha Amado). Marc tries to cheer him up by offering nurse Mimi Miyagi to him for a little back-porch boinking, but Ron can’t go through with it and so Marc takes his place. Later Hitomi shows up and does what she can to get Ron out of his blue mood. Finally, the doctor gets a brand new nurse in Samantha York and feels much better. This is a must-have for fans of Asian ladies and especially Mimi Miyagi, who does what is for her a rare rear-entry scene here.

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