Caught From Behind 12 (1989)

Director: Charlie Diamond
Starring: Raven Richards, Rachel West, Sabrina, Tina Jordan, Scott Irish, Big Dick Rambone, Ron Jeremy, Jim Uzi.
With the twelfth edition of the back door boffing series, Ron Jeremy returns to his role as the lovable Dr. Proctor, ready to welcome another batch of trepiditious couples into the wonderful world of anal eroticism. We get four feverish scenes of rear entry romping here, each one starring one of the tastiest tarts of the late 80s. Raven Richards lends her leggy talents to a fiery session, proving herself to be one of the real unsung heroines of her era. Rachel West might not be a household name, but she shows herself to be one voracious sexual adventurer when matched up with her hard-pounding partner. Sabrina Jurgens is another gal whose name has been all but forgotten in the sands of time. But she, too, shows why she should be remembered as one of the spiciest sirens of the decade in a fervid frolic of her own. And tenacious Tina Jordan shines when given the chance, turning in a wonderfully nasty and over the top tryst that might just be the hottest in the flick. Great stuff for fans of the series!

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