Catherine (2005)

Director: Michael Ninn
Starring: Audrey Hollander, Niki Blond, Otto Bauer, Victoria Swinger, Adrianne Rouso, Valentina Velasques, Mike Foster, Bruno Sx.
How do we define reality? How do we define sanity? How do we reconcile the two? Why do we think that we must?
Imagine a place where time has but the barest of relevance. Concepts such as “past” and “present” hold a meaningless position. Remembering what was, or imagining what will be, become intellectual exercises at best. When the mind itself develops the power to bite, the power to drive sexual desire, and the power to seek its own release, what does it matter where “real” begins and “imaginary” recedes? In the delicate moment before we awaken our minds reach full expansion. Dreams control our lives, and reality bends to suit our desires.
Catherine – the story of a haunting woman – the story of a woman haunted.

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